Frequently Asked Questions

Why see a Holistic Nutritionist?

Holistic nutrition focuses on the idea that every single person is different and their bodies all have different needs. For example, we may suggest one pregnant woman to eat raw broccoli as a snack, but we would never tell a pregnant woman with a thyroid imbalance the same suggestion. The training to become a Holistic Nutritionist is based on comprehensive science-based research, and even though it is still a newer field in health, it has already drastically changed the lives of so many people. It's common when people have symptoms, such as heart burn, that they take medicines to alleviate these symptoms instead of getting to the bottom of why these symptoms may be occurring are exactly where a Holistic Nutritionist could come in to play.  Holistic Nutritionists also learn optimum nutrition for every cycle of life, from pre conception, pregnancy, infancy all the way up to senior nutrition, because every stage of life requires a different focus nutritionally. So if you have anything from indegestion, fatigue, feeling light headed when standing up, PMS, low sex drive, joint pain, trouble losing weight, depression, poor concentration, muscle cramps, allergies and the list goes on, a Holistic Nutritionist can help determine what body systems are out of balance and get you back onto the road of feeling like yourself again or even better than you've felt in years. 

Is there anything that you specialize in?


I specialize in thyroid health, digestive health and general body system imbalance nutritional support.

Do you offer any other services?


I offer weekly meal plans according to your specific nutritional needs. Need a whole pantry/fridge overhaul?  We replace unhealthy junk foods with healthier options. Need some guidance in the kitchen, we can help with that too.